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About us

Jamaicans are infamously one of the most resourceful people on the planet, constantly improvising or more appropriately put, having to “tun dem han mek fashion.”  Non-the-less we many times accomplish significant feats or survive great odds while being at a relative disadvantage to many of our compatriots across the world.  What happens though, when such a people is equipped with the necessary resources that they need?

Well we developed systems we call Trade Windz to effectively communicate specific wants or the availability of particular items among people of similar interests thereby forming homogenous communities.  The name is a pun on the prevailing ‘Trade Winds’ that promoted the Triangular Trade in our “rich” history and the business information we currently disseminate to promote effective navigation in achieving life targets and ambitions.

The systems, processes and overall products called Trade Windz are designed to be convenient and effective enough to communicate the most technical of resources by specific detail while being efficient and affordable enough to offer or request items that are inexpensive yet useful.

While there are an increasing number of classified advertisement solutions in Jamaica, it has been observed that industrious computer-software developers do many and savvy capitalistic business ventures do others.  While either scenario provides working advertisement products, the utility of the end-user is usually compromised or just not fully optimized.  And this is the gap we fill.

We are a team of Jamaicans working assiduously to provide technical solutions for promoting business offers.  Our core offers are in advertising but we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide relevant information to make Jamaican businesses more viable while providing citizens with platforms to communicate.   So build the economy or a racecar, repair the ozone layer or a leaky faucet Trade Windz is yours as much as it is ours.

We are changing our websiteCool new improvements

Hey guys,

Its been cool joining the game but we have listened to your needs and modified our offer.  Check us back in a week to see the brand new experience!